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WoW (World of Wine)

World of Wine (WOW), one of the largest tourism attractions to launch in Europe in 2020, Spanning over 39,000 square meters of converted and restored wine cellars, WOW was established to help define Porto as a cultural destination through engaging educational experiences. Visitors find restaurants and wine bars at the complex, which is built around refurbished wine warehouses and includes an open-air square with views over Porto, according to the World of Wine team.


JVVA provided an advanced analysis of the simultaneous evacuation of the building, through evacuation modeling and empirical engineering calculations with the aim of increasing the overall building capacity. As a result of the evacuation analysis, different safety measures were developed and prescribed to be implemented in the building in order to increase the fluidity levels and safety levels in the evacuation of those conflictive zones inside the building.

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    Oporto (Portugal)

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