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We consider it essential to stay at the forefront of technological innovations, only in this way can we develop state of the art solutions.

Experimental and computational study of smoke dynamics from multiple fire sources inside a large-volume building – Gabriele Vigne, Wojciech Węgrzyński, Alexis Cantizano, Pablo Ayala, Guillermo Rein, Cándido Gutiérrez-Montes, Building Simulation 2020, []

Fire safety challenges of floor additions in existing housing blocks | Retos de la seguridad en caso de incendio de levantes en edificios de vivienda existentes – Echeverría, J.B., Rubio, N., Rodríguez, I., Jönsson, J., Vigne, G., Sánchez, J., Informes de la Construcción, 2020, 72(529), e351 []

Review and Validation of the Current Smoke Plume Entrainment Models for Large-Volume Buildings – Gabriele Vigne, Cándido Gutierrez-Montes, Alexis Cantizano, Wojciech Węgrzyński, Guillermo Rein – Fire Technology May 2019, Volume 55, Issue 3, pp 789–816 []

SFPE Core Competencies For The Fire Protection Engineering Profession – Jimmy Jönsson, Anthony Militello, Brian J. Meacham – Third International Fire Safety Symposium – IFireSS 2019, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – June 2019

Fire Safety Engineering in Large and Complex Industrial Buildings – Challenges for Everyone – G. Vigne, J, Jӧnsson, Wojciech Węgrzyński, SFPE Europe International Conference, Malaga, Spain, 2019

SFPE Core Competencies – Why do we need them – J. Jönsson Fire Protection Engineering, Q1 2019, Issue #81

Ventilación de un túnel vial urbano de 9 km – El caso de la autopista Américo Vespucio Oriente en Santiago de Chile José Miguel Galera, Manuel de Cabo, Gabriele Vigne, Jimmy Jönsson, Antonio Escribano y Pablo Lorenzo, VII SIMPOSIO TÚNELES DE CARRETERA, Barcelona, Spain, 12-14/02/2019.

Is a Code Compliant Design Sufficient to Ensure Adequate Safety Levels When Evacuating a Hospital? A Spanish Research – Olaf Pérez Salgueiro, Jimmy Jönsson, Gabriele Vigne – SFPE Europe Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 3-8, 2018

Drawbacks when using a Prescriptive Approach for Evacuation design of Intensive Care Units – Olaf Pérez Salgueiro, Jimmy Jönsson, Gabriele Vigne, Amaya Osacar Crespo and Juan B. Echeverría – Research and Advanced Technology in Fire Safety – FIRE SAFETY 2017, Santander 2017 (“Best poster” award)

Advanced Simulations For Building Design – Best Practice and Future Developments – Gabriele Vigne, Jimmy Jönsson – Fire and Evacuation Modelling Technical Conference 2016 – Malaga, November 16-18, 2016

Experimental and numerical evaluation of the influence of the soot yield on the visibility in smoke in CFD analysis – Wojciech Węgrzyński, Gabriele Vigne – Fire Safety Journal []. 

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Influence of the Soot Yield when Conducting CFD Analysis for the Estimation of the Available Safe Evacuation Time – Gabriele Vigne, JVVA Fire and Risk, Spain, W Węgrzyński, ITB, Poland – Interflam 2016, 4-6th July 2016, Fire Science & Engineering Conference, Royal Holloway College, University of London, UK [ISBN 978-0-9933933-2-7]

Novel Full-Scale Atrium Experiments and Numerical Validation Under Steady and Transient Venting Conditions – P.Ayala, A.Cantizano, G.Rein, G.Vigne, C.Gutierrez-Montes– Interflam 2016, 4-6th July 2016, Fire Science & Engineering Conference, Royal Holloway College, University of London, UK [ISBN 978-0-9933933-2-7]

Fire engineering vs. prescribed fire protection – J.Jönsson – International Fire Protection Magazine, December 2016

Contaminantes del aire en los túneles de carretera y límites admisibles – G.Vigne, J.Jönsson, F. Hacar – Revista Argentina de Ingeniería – Publicación del Consejo Federal de Decanos de Ingeniería de la República Argentina Año 4 – Volumen 7 – Mayo de 2016 [ISSN 2314-0925]

Influence of Variability of Soot Yield Parameter in assessing the safe conditions in Advanced Modelling Analysis. Results of Physical and Numerical Modelling Comparison – 11th SFPE Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, Warsaw – G.Vigne, W. Wegrzynski, May 25, 2016 [ISBN 978-83-938077-5-8]

Sensitivity analysis for modelling parameters used for advanced evacuation simulations – How important are the modelling parameters when conducting evacuation modelling? – O.Perez, J.Jönsson, G.Vigne, “, SFPE International Conference, Warsaw, Poland, 2016

Origini della Fire Safety Engineering e prospettive nella prevenzione incendi odierna anche alla luce del Codice 2015 – XVI SFPE Italian Congress on Fire Safety Engineering, April 15, 2016

Fire Experiments and Simulations in a Full-ScaleAtrium Under Transient and Asymmetric Venting Conditions – P.Ayala, A.Cantizano, G.Vigne, C.Gutierrez-Montes – Fire Technology, Special Issue on Fire Model Validation, January 2016 [10694 – ISSN 0015-2684, 52(1)1-284(2016)]

Tunnels with Rough Walls and Cavities– G.Vigne, J.Jönsson, F. Hacar, Revista Ingeniería, Investigación y Desarrollo, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, July 2015 [ISSN 2422-4324]

To What Extent Can We Rely Upon the Results Obtained From Advanced Smoke Modelling – the Influence of Critical Parameters on the Visibility When Conducting an Advanced Smoke Modelling Analysis, G. Vigne, M.Alonso, J.Jönsson, 1st SFPE European Conference, June 2015 Copenhagen (Denmark)

Design and Safety Issues in Lay-Bys of Road Tunnels – Obras y Proyectos n.18 Concepción dic. 2015, F.Hacar, J.Jonsson, G.Vigne [ISSN 0718-2813]

Intercambiadores. Los beneficios de utilizar un enfoque basado en prestaciones. Interchange stations. The benefits of using a performance based approach – 8th International Congress on Performance Based Fire Safety, Madrid (Spain) February 13, 2015

The complexity of smoke control design, theory and practice – G.Vigne, SFPE Europe Magazine, Q1 2015, Issue n.1

Túneles con paramentos rugosos y con cavidades – G.Vigne, J.Jönsson, F.Hacar, Ingeniería Investigación Y Desarrollo, 15(1), 58-69. 2014

Modelización de Humos / Smoke Modeling, G.Vigne -7º congreso internacional de ingeniería de seguridad contra incendios , Madrid 20,21,22 of February 2013, Madrid (Spain)

Full Scale Fire Tests In Atria And The Use FSE Methods To Predict The Smoke Layer Interface, G.Vigne – Eurofire 2013, Basel (Switzerland) 9th and 10th of October

Uncertainty of Smoke Filling Calculations in a Large Atrium through Comparison to Experimental Results,G.Vigne, C.Gutiérrez-Montes, G.Rein – 9th International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design to be held 20-22 June 2012 at the Excelsior, Hong Kong [ISBN 978-1-6227691-8-6]

Assessment of Smoke Modelling techniques through Experimental Research and Numerical Analysis in Tunnels and Large Enclosures, MAst Thesis, Univeristy of Jaén, Spain, 8th of March 2012

Methodology for tunnels Risk framework – J. Jönsson, P. Johnson, 5th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety & Security, New York March 2012

The Use of Advanced Evacuation Modelling For Building Design, G.Vigne, F.Herrera, J.Jönsson, D.O’Donnell, Advanced Research Workshop “Evacuation and Human Behavior in Emergency Situations”, Santander (Spain), to be presented the 21st of October 2011

Conceptos básicos sobre control de humo en grandes recintos , G.Vigne, C.Gutiérrez-Montes, G.Rein – to be published  in the Spanish magazine Prevención de Incendios, Numero 52, 2011 [ISSN 1575-8915]

Estudio y evaluación de la eficiencia de las protecciones contra incendios en construcciones tipo atrio – A.Cantizano, P.Ayala, C.Gutierrez-Montes,G.Rein – Ayuda a la Investigación Fundación Mapfre 2011

Modelización de Incendios – ventajas y riesgos, G.Vigne, G.Rein, published in the Spanish magazine Prevención de Incendios,  n.48 – 2010

Fire and smoke modelling, the importance of using a suitable tool, G. Vigne, P. Boroweic, J. Jönsson,  Combustion and Fire Dynamics, International Congress, October 2010, Santander (Spain) [ISBN 978-84-86116-23-1]

Suppression Systems – Trade-Offs & Benefits – J. Jönsson, P. Johnson, 4th ISTSS, 17 -19 March, 2010, Frankfurt, Germany.

HGV Traffic –Consequences in case of a tunnel fire – J. Jönsson, F. Herrera, 4th ISTSS, 17 -19 March, 2010, Frankfurt, Germany.

Sistemas de extinción. Posibles beneficios e trade-offs – J. Jönsson, “”, V Simposio de Túneles de Carretera, 24-26 February, 2010, Bilbao, Spain

Formación a escala real sobre incendios en túneles – C. Dios, J. Jönsson, Ordás, V Simposio de Túneles de Carretera, 24-26 February, 2010, Bilbao, Spain

Experimental Research – Large-Scale Tunnel Fire Tests and the use of CFD modelling to predict Heat Flux and Thermal Behavior ,G. Vigne, J. Jönsson, Fire Protection and Life Safety in Buildings and Transportation Systems, International Congress, October 2009, Santander (Spain) [ISBN: 978-84-8102-559-0]

Ingeniería de Túneles, Centro para la formación e investigación en situaciones de emergencia en espacios subterráneos” Co-Author chapter 25 – U.D. Proyectos 2009 [ISBN 978-84-96140-32-5]

Suppression Systems in Road Tunnels – Savings in Ventilation Systems – C.Quaglini, J.Jönsson, S.Pearce, P.Johnson, 13th International Symposium on Aerodynamics and Ventilation of Vehicle Tunnels, 2009, New Jersey, USA

Firefighting access – A probabilistic approach – J.Jönsson, Tunnel Safety and Security, 3rd ISTSS, 12-14 March, 2008, Stockholm, Sweden

Full Scale Fire Tests in Tunnels and the Use of Advanced CFD modelling to Predict Fire and Smoke Behavior, G. Vigne, J. Jönsson – Arup Research Review 2008

The Use of CFD Modelling to Predict Smoke Movement in Tunnels, G.Vigne, S. Winter, J. Jönsson; J. Stern-Gottfried. – International Congress Smoke Control in Buildings and Tunnels, Santander (Spain), 15-17 October 2007 [ISBN 978-84-8102-516-3]

Quantitative Fire Risk Analysis – Urban Road Tunnel – J. Jönsson, Tunnel Safety Forum for road and Rail, International Conference, 23-25 April, 2007, Nice, France

Combined Qualitative and Quantitative Fire Risk Analysis – Complex Urban Road Tunnel – J. Jönsson, Report 5229, Department of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University, 2007

Insatsplanering för räddningtjänsten som ett led I det totala säkerhetsarbetet – J Jönsson, P Löfving, “”, Report 5085, Department of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University, 2001

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