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Fire Safety Engineering and Code Consultancy

The correct interpretation and understanding of fire safety codes is necessary to avoid design mistakes that could lead to a costly redesign process, the negation of a license or as worst case a shutdown of the premises.


We ensure, through a detailed analysis, that the design and construction projects comply with the relevant fire and life safety codes requirements. If the analysis will identify areas where the design does not meet the code requirements we can develop alternative approaches to code compliance to meet facility design restraints, project objectives and operational needs.


JVVA has experience in using a multitude of different fire safety codes, including the International Building Code (US) and the NFPA Codes. JVVA can also provide fire investigation expertise to determine the fire contributors and the fire behavior i.e. the development of the fire and specifically the resulting fire spread characteristics.


This is of particular value to the insurance industry and product manufacturers for verification of fire contributors, arson investigation and damage assessment. Findings of the investigation can assist in legal cases using expert witness evidence.