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Risk Management and Fire Risk Assessment

JVVA uses Risk Management as a tool to achieve cost effective and safe design for our clients. This service includes a wide range of different analysis types and methodologies. It could be a fire risk analysis for a large infrastructure project, a cost benefit analysis regarding the incorporation of fire protection system for a building, or a comparative study to evaluate different fire safety design options for evacuation design.


Risk assessment is becoming recognised by the industry and regulation, as the preferred method for determining tailor made fire safety requirements. The main aim of assessing fire risk is usually for life safety, however two other areas of risk should also be considered. Property protection includes insurance company requirements, and the balance between potential loss, insurance premiums, and capital costs of upgrades. Business continuity is equally important specifically regarding damage to buildings causing loss of income due to interrupted service.


For clients with a property portfolio JVVA can assist them to understand and manage fire risks within their portfolio, and in this way reducing corporate risk. Our approach uses a scientifically based risk ranking tool to assess properties. This enables properties to be benchmarked against each other and spending prioritised to achieve the best return on investment.