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Fire and Smoke Modelling

JVVA is leader when it comes to Fire and Smoke Modelling. This is one of our key expertise areas as it normally forms an important part of performance based design.


Our technical expertise in this area cannot be overemphasized; we uses advanced modelling as an advantageous tool to meet the required design objectives. It is not only the technical modelling in itself that we do, especially the identification of when this type of analysis is appropriate and necessary is something which is of great value to our clients.


One of our main areas is the use of CFD to evaluate smoke movement. Computer simulations of smoke movement in large and/or complex spaces such as atria, airport terminals, and malls has the potential to enhance system design, to reduce cost and complexity. Smoke Control can have a major impact on the overall design of the building it needs to be considered at the earliest possible stage of the design process.