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STIHL Logistic Centre

STIHL Logistic Centre

  • Andres STIHL

  • Industrial, Logistic Centre, Smoke Control

  • 2016

  • Alameda de Osuna (Spain)

This project refers to the Andreas STIHL logistics center located in Torres de la Alameda, Madrid, Spain. The logistics center consists of two joined buildings with a total surface area of approximately 10,000 m² and with a maximum height of approximately 13 m.

An advanced smoke movement analysis was carried out, using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, and in parallel a people movement study was performed. In order to carry out these analyzes, the total volume of the building, the internal building characteristics (intermediate levels), the distribution of products, the type of products, the fire load, the maximum occupation, the type of occupation and the distribution of the emergency routes and exits were taken into account.

Through the study the appropriateness of a natural ventilation system in relation to the evacuation of the building and the firefighting intervention was evaluated. The analysis determined the conditions during evacuation and intervention, by looking into how the smoke control system affected the visibility and the temperature in case of fire, all this taking into account the restrictions of the insurer FM Global. The analyzes made it possible to determine the safety conditions in case of fire and at the same time to develop an optimized smoke control system that met the fire safety requirements required by the fire safety regulations, the insurer and the client.