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Inditex Arteixo

Inditex Arteixo


  • Smoke Control, Fire System Engineering, Performance Based Design

  • 2017

  • Arteixo (Spain)

A holistic study of fire safety has been carried out in the logistics platform, which belongs to the Inditex group and located in Arteixo. The industrial building is composed of a ground floor and 4 semi-basement floors. The building occupies an approximate area of 319, 115 m2.

The general objective of this study was to evaluate the situation regarding fire safety, and for this advanced analysis of smoke movement and people movement was carried out, according to ASET vs RSET methodology. For the analysis of smoke movement, fluid dynamics simulations (CFD) have been used to evaluate the behavior of smoke in case of fire and determinate the ambient conditions inside the building in case of evacuation. For the analysis of people’s movement have been used evacuation computer simulations to evaluate the evacuation of people and time estimated.

As result a design of mechanical smoke extraction show how system would raise the security levels in case of being installed. Different and simple safety measures to be implements in the building were developed and prescribed in order to increase fluidity levels and safety levels on the evacuation of the industrial building.