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Edificio Plaza de España

Edificio Plaza de España

  • Arditecnica, RIU

  • Heritage, PBD, Evacuation Modelling, Pathfinder

  • 2017

  • Madrid, Spain

The “Edificio España” is a skyscraper built in the mid-twentieth century, located in Plaza de España in Madrid. With its 25 floors and 117 meters high, it is one of the tallest buildings in the Spanish capital and together with the skyscraper “Madrid tower” it is one of the most important architectural complexes in the city. Throughout its history it has housed hotels, commercial galleries, homes and offices.

The Spain Building is undergoing an integral reform, preserving the facades, the load-bearing structure and the exits of the building in the near future to house the Hotel RIU Plaza de España.

JVVA has carried out a holistic study of fire safety in the Edificio España, playing a key role in the following aspects of the integral reform that is taking place in the building.:

  • Analysis of the complete evacuation of the building, through evacuation modeling and empirical engineering calculations. As a result of the evacuation analysis, different simple security measures were developed and prescribed to be implemented in the building in order to increase the fluidity levels and safety levels in the evacuation of those conflictive zones inside the building.
  • Analysis of the resistance to fire in specific parts of the building so that it could check the adequacy of certain deviations from the application regulations regarding structural resistance to fire
  • Design and evaluation through empirical calculations and CFD modeling tools of smoke control systems for those multipurpose rooms that exceeded an occupancy of 1,000 people.
  • Design of protection strategies against smoke through natural ventilation and pressurization systems of specially protected stairs