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Denver Airport

Denver Airport

  • Ferrovial

  • Airports, Fire Safety Engineering, Advanced Modelling, FDS, Pathfinder

  • 2017

  • Denver (Colorado, USA)

JVVA has been hired by Ferrovial to perform an ASET/RSET analysis in the Great Hall of the Denver International Airport.

The Denver International Airport is an existing building that is being remodeled for commercial operation, and the evaluation is specifically oriented to the areas related to the Great Hall of the Jeppesen Terminal.

The general area evaluated by JVVA have an approximate area of 85.000 m².

The main objective of our participation has been the evaluation of the proposed design from the point if view of the safety of the occupants in the airport in case of fire.

It was evaluated of the building, with the current architectural design, can be considered safe for the occupants during a fire event.