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JVVA Fire & Risk

JVVA is an independent engineering consultancy specifically focused on fire and risk services.

We accomplish the objectives set out by our client and at the same time we show that the design has an adequate level of safety; the objectives of life safety, property protection and business continuity are fulfilled.

Our independence is an essential part of our philosophy; in JVVA we resolutely believe that not being influenced by other interests than the ones of our client is a must to be able to take a fresh and objective view on the problem. Only in this way we can provide our clients with optimal advice and develop solutions that keep their interests and needs as a priority.

We provide the top-end service necessary to every stage of the project, from inception to completion and after.

We help our clients meet their business needs by adding value through personal service and technical excellence.

We firmly believe that fire safety is a necessary and important part of any project, and if dealt with in the right way the benefits it will bring are of great value to the client and the project as a whole.

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